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    Actually i like it to be like the following format :
    First :type /trade (name of player)
    Example : /trade Zithmane

    Second : the other player should type /trade accept to accept the trade or /trade denny to denny the trade. Its just like the teleportation request ====> /tpa (name of player)
    Example : /trade accept ;; or ;; /trade denny

    Third : if the other player who recieved the request dennied the trade it willl be
    Automaticlly canceled. But if he accept it will shows something like the Tinkerer Menu whit your inventory and the Trade menu. you may press the item that you want to trade then it will be removed into the Trade menu also the same thing whit the other player

    Fourth : it will shows a line of glasses in the middle of the menu from the bottom to the top and 2 red Glasses above in the Trade menu Left and Right if you press the left one it turns green. that means u tottally accept the trade and you're waiting the other player to accept too. for the Right Glass its for the other player to press it also that means the same thing (if he presses it that means he tottaly accept the trade and he is waiting you to accept) if both of players who are trading accepted the trade (pressed the 2 red Glass) a 10 seconds timer will appear on the right bottom of each of the green glasses(the red glasses before accepting he trade). once the time runs out. you will recieve all the items that the other player puts in his side of the Trade menu and he will recieve all items that you put it in your side of trade menu.

    I wish this is a good suggestion. if you need to know anything. feel free to make a reply/feedback down below