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    Hello Everyone :D

    I'm RJ4 I'm a New Owner of this Network

    Sam and Callum are still the main Owner's don't worry, I will be working on HCF

    If you guy's want to talk to me you can simply message me on Discord :D

    Previous Server's I've Worked on:

    RuthlessPvP - Co-Owner
    TimelessPvP - Backround Dev
    CanadianPVP - Owner
    PotHQ/RailHQ (Sister Servers) - Manager
    EmperorHCF - Founder
    CirexPvP - Main Manager/Leader of ManagementTeam (Was Owner rank before they closed)

    Here are all the server's I have been staff on.
    CavePvP - Got Mod, Was TrialMod 2 other time's but Resigned, I was demoted when I was Mod due to being "Admin" in a Community discord server (Not even a minecraft server) so yea (Still very close with there Manager)
    ArsonPvP - Manager
    StellarPvP - Helper
    EnchantsMc - Helper
    PurePvP - Was Co Owner on till they moved to RuthlessPvP
    RoyalCraft - Was promoted like 6 time's but they had like ChatMod JrHelper Helper SrHelper JrMod Mod SrMod and all that crap so it was like 6 month's to just get JrMod cause of all there ranks I got SrHelper then resigned since there Dev deleted all there permission's folder and staff had 0 perms apart from /kick for 3 weeks.
    GuardianPvP - Helper
    Havoc/FrozenCraft - Mod
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